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faq Got Questions? We got it covered!

We thought we would put together a little cheat sheet to help you enjoy the time you spend with us the most. We tend to hear the same questions so we'd thought we through together this page. Check it out and please, if you have a suggestion of something we missed, please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I made my reservation but what should I bring with me?

    A. The obvious stuff like:

    Sun Screen, Towels, Water-Proof Camera, Diving Mask, Flippers, Water, Toys, Money, PHOTO ID.

  • How old do I have to be to drive a jet ski?

    A. Atleast 16 with a Florida Boaters Permit

    If you are born after January 1, 1988 you are required to have a Florida Boaters Permit. We offer this test on site for $3. Please allow 20 minutes to study and complete the test.

  • Do I have to get wet or be dipped when I go parasailing?

    A. Sure don't!

    Once your safety harness is attached to the parachute you will be winched out sitting down from our flight deck nice and easy directly from the rear of the boat. Once your flight is finished you will land right back onto the boat.

  • Will we be flying in the Gult of Mexico or the Bay?

    A. We head to the Gulf unless conditions are better in the Bay.

    We fly out in the Gulf as much as we SAFELY can. Inclimate weather such as, storms or wind can cause rough conditions in the Gulf. We want everyone to have a good time and not be sea sick for the rest of the day so you can rent a jet ski or rent a pontoon boat.

  • Will I see dolphins while parasailing?

    A. Probably!

    We see dolphins quite often as well as rays and turtles and even some larger fish. Dolphins love to surf our boat wake and do tricks so bring your camera and be ready! You'll got a better chance to see thim up close and personal in our boat or up the chute than you will on the overcrowed dolphin tour boats! Want to be even closer - take a dolphin cruise via waverunner for the ULTIMATE dolphin viewing experience

  • How high will I be?

    A. As high as we can legally fly you!

    As high as we are leagaly able to! Parasailing in Destin is actually closely regulated by the FAA. Besides with those new F-35's flying around, we don't want you getting tangled up with a fighter jet :) !

  • I'm afraid of heighs, can I Parasail?

    A. Of course you can.

    Parasailing can look pretty intimidating. Our expert crew does a great job at calming nervous fliers down. You don't loose your stomach at any time because you are floating. Nothing like a roller coaster. Secondly, since you are over water your brain can't tell the difference between 10' and 100'! Parasailing is more like a hot air balloon ride.

  • Is there an age or weight limit to Parasail?

    A. Yes there is 6 years old -

    We need our fliers to be at-least 6 years old so they are able to comprehend the instructions we provide on board. Under 18 must have a parent/gaurdian sign the release form on their behalf. Maximum weight limit is 450lbs. Minimum weight is 90 lbs but will increase as the wind does.

  • What should I bring?

    A. Wear your swim suit, flip flops, sunglasses and bring a towel!

    Wear your swim suit, flip flops, bring a towel and some shades! We have storage on board to stow your shoes, wallet, camera or cell phone. Your sunglasses won't fall off while parasailing if they don't fall off your face while you look down. There's no need to bring a bag of What-a-Burger on board, you'll only be out for around an hour!